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Winery Systems

PSI manufactures a line of WinePub Systems and Microwineries, allowing our customers to produce high quality, low cost wines in a variety of settings.

Winery installations are possible in a production size from our base unit of 9,000 litres per year to over 1,000,000 litres per year. Our systems are modular so production capacity can be increased with minimal down time on the original installation. These systems can be designed to deliver the finished product in a variety of packages to best suit your needs, i.e. 750ml, 1 and 1.5 litre bottles, or a variety of bag-in-a-box sizes. Another benefit of this flexible system is that it allows you to custom package your wines for special functions, restaurants, real estate companies and more.

WinePub Systems - The WinePub system was developed through the collective expertise of a specialized team. The idea was to create a unique system that would enable restaurateurs to cut costs by replacing current house wines with wines of equal or better quality at a much-reduced cost. Our experienced oenologists will ensure that your specific wine needs are addressed through an extensive wine tasting and wine selection program.
Minimal renovations are required due to each system's modular construction. During the installation process, there is no disruption in the restaurant because each system has a very small 'footprint'- there is no major reconstruction involved. Vessels are most commonly available in 250L and 500L sizes. After the installation, comprehensive training is available for restaurant staff who will be the WinePub operators.

Microwinery Systems - The microwinery system is essentially a packaged winery system that is sized to fit into a typical retail property. It allows a facility to easily manufacture its own wide selection of wines, which are produced at a substantial savings compared to typical commercially produced wines. The system has been designed to be both time efficient and simple to use. No previous experience in wine making is required.
A conventional winery is situated close to vineyards. Our concept takes the vineyards to the winery, and eliminates concerns associated with the growing, harvesting and pressing of grapes. There are no "difficult" harvest years as you benefit from a minimum of 12 'harvests' a year as opposed to only one as you would with a vineyard. Our professionals source high quality juices from established vineyards around the world. The juice is conveniently packaged in aseptic bags, with a shelf life of 12 months. They are shippable via courier, allowing you to keep your inventory to a minimum.
This unique concept has become possible due to our trouble-free modular winery system, which was developed through the collective expertise of a specialized team. The system includes three or more customized vessels with self-contained chilling systems that produce the wine, a portable filter and clean-in-place cart, and water filtration unit. We follow the same basic steps as a commercial winery would, minus the crushing and pressing of the fruit.